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Improving IT Support in Business

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Most businesses immediately consider the prospect of cheaper and faster tech support when looking to increase efficiency. But nowadays, it should be more about quicker, cheaper, and better IT support to align with modern-day business priorities like value creation, new ways of working, increasing employee expectations, and productivity maximization.

Naturally, technology is a key efficiency driver when it comes to IT support. However, the professionals at Wete and Company say it’s truly only effective if those businesses understand how to deliver effectively. 

Seven Ways to Improve IT Support

The following seven practices can help businesses improve their IT support:

Optimize People Usage

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming commonplace in many industries. Its introduction has allowed organizations to focus on optimizing technology. However, once that tech is in place, it’s important for businesses to revert back to optimizing people usage. 

Companies that have already asked themselves how AI can be implemented in IT support need to shift perspectives, asking how they can best utilize their employees.

Ultimately, this mindset shift will be the difference between improving efficiency and stagnating. 

Match Consumer-World-Driven Expectations

Everybody expects a lot from support and service providers because of the large, exemplary companies they use in their personal day-to-day lives. These expectations carry over into the workplace. Thus, IT service desks must keep up. 

When implemented correctly, consumer-world technologies bring information and abilities to the user rather than needing to travel to get to them, increasing efficiency for the business, employees, and customers. 

Efficiency Improvements Shouldn’t Be Made in Isolation

It’s easy for companies to look at IT efficiency improvements as an isolated issue. However, increased automation (i.e., the ultimate way to enhance efficiency in all aspects of business) affects traditional targets. 

Not to mention that organizations expect IT support improvements to impact numerous areas rather than waiting for them to be delivered from one department. 

Provide Employees with Easy Access to Support

IT support staff cannot improve efficiency if they don’t have assistance when required. Without easy access to support, they will continue doing what they have always done, which can be incredibly detrimental. 

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Deal with AI Barriers Early

AI adoption is unavoidable — it’s where the world is rapidly headed. So, organizations need to manage their stakeholders’ expectations early on, including educating them on these necessary changes. 

Learn from the Issues of Self-Service

The ITSM industry (also known as the IT service management industry) has learned a lot from the failed attempts of IT self-service.

For instance, the change needs to be observed as a people-change initiative rather than a technology implementation. After all, IT self-service is only beneficial if it has enough high-quality articles to effectively fuel machine learning. 

Additionally, there must be enough automation to acquire the speed of improvements expected by all and actually save money within a suitable timeframe. 

ITSM Is Constantly Changing

Finally, organizations need to understand that the service management industry is an ever-evolving entity. It’s a constant journey of improvements and changes. 

Therefore, while considering efficiency adaptations, a company needs to be open to the future rollercoaster that undoubtedly lies ahead for IT support. 

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