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Digital Immune System

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Running a business successfully means taking proactive measures to ensure the security of the company, its employees, and potential customers. Prior to the digital age and the rise of the cyber-world, this might have looked like a security guard posted in the doorway, but in the modern age, this means the upkeep of initiatives like a digital immune system.

Keeping a sound form of cyber-security does more than ensure the productivity of the company, it also builds a repertoire of trust with potential clients. Wete and Company explains that having a digital immune system has become nothing short of the norm in the entrepreneurial world, but the benefits that come with having one of high quality is paramount. 

What Is a Digital Immune System

Just like the immune system in the human body, a digital immune system acts as a wall of security against digital viruses, bugs, and other potentially dangerous threats to the company. A strong immune system can not only fight viruses before they have the chance to wreak havoc on important data but can also prevent them from coming through altogether.

A digital immune system contains multiple layers of defense in order to properly work, and can be implemented through oriented software design, automation techniques, analytics, and other operations. The more complex a digital immune system, the more layers it has, and the quicker it can recover from potential threats.

Nearly half of the companies and enterprises who utilize some sort of digital immune system, do it in order to garner customer trust. However, this isn’t the only positive. 

Experts believe that by 2025, these same companies will be able to reduce downtime so significantly, that they can increase customer satisfaction by 80%.

Why Do Companies Need a Digital Immune System

There is a growing need for digital immunity in this day and age, but the need for an entire immune system can be stemmed from:

·         Ever-growing Threats in The Cyber World

Just as quickly as technology and data storage techniques evolve, threats are being developed and deployed at a similar rate. This is aggravated by the fact that there are multiple different devices that company owners and businesses need to consider, such as computers and smart devices.

On top of that, there are also various delivery models: iCloud, SaaS, private servers, public servers, and the like. As these systems adapt, it’s important for businesses to keep their security models ahead of the game as well. 

Wete and Company

Though many of them don’t hit major news outlets, cyber threats and leaks happen every day- one of the most recent ones being the McGraw Hill leak and the Uber leak. It doesn’t matter if a corporation is small or large, local, or multinational- every business is at risk of potential threat.

·         Increased Cyber Attacks

What Are the Main Areas of Focus

Some of the biggest areas that companies are placing focus on with a digital immune system include universal security- which means that every single sector of the business has an aspect of security rather than there being a singular “security department”. 

Now, with the rise of AI in all factions of living, security methods, and techniques based on artificial intelligence, businesses are going an entirely digital way by implementing services that require no human intervention in order to fight threats. 

The cyber security world is on a constant rise, so we can only expect the digital immune system to grow in stability and soundness as the call arises. 

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